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Build Your Silicon Valley Startup

Do you have a great idea for a startup? Want to get funding from angels or venture capital? Here are several documents that you’ll need for building your Silicon Valley Startup.

Info on Looking for a Job in Silicon Valley

I was the National Director of the Tech Writer Trade Group for the NWU for ten years. Our 6,000 members asked lots of questions, so here my pages about job hunting in Silicon Valley, along with living and working in Silicon Valley.

Start with The World Is Flat by Thomas Friedman. I live and work in Silicon Valley. In 2005, I co-founded a startup and we bought a 30-person company in Bangalore, which grew to more than 175 staff employess in India. What Friedman wrote about Silicon Valley, India, and technology was accurate. Everything will change. India and China will be technological and economic megapowers. Where will your job be when that happens?

Travels to China, Saudi Arabia, India, and the Berlin Wall

My Trip to Bangalore   

I often write about my trips. Some of these pages are the best guides on the web to that city.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions. Mostly Computer Stuff

Words, Words, Words…

Here are lots of books for your Kindle, tablet, or Mookie. And yes, I’ve read most of these. (What’s a Mookie? It’s coming.)

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