A few years ago, on a lark, I added a few poems to my website. I like poetry quite a bit and keep copies of favorites. Last year, I went to a weekend poetry reading. For many years, I’ve been translating Rilke’s poetry.

I assumed few people cared about poetry, but I was surprised.

This morning, while checking my analytics, I looked at the data for the poems at my andreas.com website:

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Visits from May 2007 to August 2016. It peaked at 1,700 visitors for the month of Sept. 2011. There were 670 visits in July 2016.

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41,900 people have visited the page. You can see the average time-on-page is a bit over three minutes, so they’re reading the poems.

I was surprised to see how many people looked for and read these poems.

Go ahead. Read a few poems. Some of these are very good. By coincidence, my favorites have a cricket and a grasshopper.